Repair Guide

The information on this page is intended to provide an overview or generalization of casing grades and when a casing can and can not be recapped. The grading is based on Japanese Radial Casings.

Grade A

Casing has never been retreaded (Virgin)

- No cuts or breaks No repairs or impact breaks - No exposed steel

- No existing repairs

- Sidewalls are in good condition

- No weather cracking

- No distortion of tubeless bead surfaces

- Not regrooved

Grade B

Same as Grade A with exceptions of:

- Minor cuts and chips with some exposed steel   in the tread area

- Maximum of two nail holes in tread area only

- Must be 1 1/2 inches in from the tread edge   with maximum diameter of 3/8 inch

Grade R-1

Previously treaded once in full, in top tread, or in bead to bead

- Maximum two nail holes in tread area only

- Must be 1 1/2 inches in from tread

- All other conditions are same as Grade A

Casing Inspection & Preparation

These are the major inspection points to determining if a casing is a good candidate

- Initial inspection of the tire for side wall damage and checking for separation in belts

- A non destructive inspection checking for nail holes or improper repairs

- Checking for casing separation normally caused by over or under inflation of the tire

- Buffing off all of the remaining tread face

- Digging or cutting out imbedded objects such as nails or rocks known as Skiving

- Sealing the buffed and skived tire

- Inside patching any holes from the removed (skived) objects

- Filling the skived out hole with partially cured rubber (as needed)

Checking for embedded objects



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