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Three Reasons To Choose Hawkinson

  • 01

    The Hawkinson Method cures the rubber right to the casing

    With the Hawkinson Method, simply building up the shoulders slightly can return your tire to its flat radius easily and effectively. A precure retread requires 2/32 of cushion gum to cure the new tread to the casing.

  • 02

    Hawkinson has the correct tread radius

    Potential tire mileage is significantly increased when the retread is made with the correct tread radius. The Hawkison method attains the correct tread radius and silences a common complaint in precured tires that the center will wear out while half of the tread pattern remains at the shoulder due to wrong tread arc radius.

  • 03

    Hawkinson has matched duals

    Hawkinson retreads are better rolling due to matched duals. When two tires have different diameters, the tires will not roll together. With two different diameters, one of the tires will pull to the side, causing skid wear. The Hawkinson method of matched duals is the solution to eliminating excessive skid wear.

    Hawkinson Method provides what Precure Method can't

    - Live rubber is infused directly to the casing creating the strongest bond possible.

  • - No splices means a perfect tread around the entire circumference.

  • - Rubber is applied evenly around the entire circumference

  • - No heat is applied to the sidewall during the curing process.

  • - Match-mated tires every time.